Preschool Rate: Full Time (4 hours or more per day)

$20.80 per day per child or $416.00 per 4 week billing period.

We are open 7:00 am - 6:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Care is based on a regular 8 hour day. If your child is here more than 10 hours, an extra fee of $10.50 per day will be charged. Care 10 hours or over MUST be approved by the Director and Board of Directors.

Subsidy is accepted and is the responsibility of the parent to ensure it is in place prior to your child's starting date and it is also the parent's responsibility to renew and update subsidy information as required.

If your subsidy expires full fees are charged and are the responsibility of the parent. Adjustments to your account will be made once the subsidy renewal is received by Earl Grey Children's' Centre.

School Age Rate: (Full Time (2 or 3 slots per school day)

$10.30 for 2 - 3 slots per child or $206.00 per 4 week billing period

$10.50 for each in-service (in addition to the $10.30)

$20.80 for all holidays, Spring Break, Christmas Break and summer break

  • All fees are charged regardless of whether or not your child attends the holiday times or the in-services.
  • Summer Care (preschool and school age)
  • Full fees are charged at a rate of $20.80 per child per day regardless of your child's attendance for both preschool and school age programs.  If you do not require summer care you must either pay the fees or withdraw your child.  If you withdraw your child you are NOT guaranteed your space back and your name is put back on our waiting list.
  • EGCC charges the maximum regulated daily parent fees.



A non-refundable fee of $30.00 per child is charged to help cover the cost of field trips etc.

Hats:  We will charge $2.00 if we supply a hat for your child in the summer.  Parents must make sure their child has a hat at daycare every day.

Late Fees

Late fee charge of $1.00 per minute per child per staff is charged to any child picked up after 6:00 PM

Official Letters

There is a charge of $5.00 per official letter written by Earl Grey Children's Center for school, CRA, employers etc.


Parents are responsible for supplying their child's lunch each day.  We will charge $5.00 per lunch if we have to make one for them

 Tax Receipts

$5.00 fee for a second copy or misplaced copy of the official tax receipt.

Provincial Subsidies

A provincial government fee subsidy, based on net family income is available to families who qualify.  Subsidized families are responsible for the additional $2.00 per day per child.  The cost is in addition to any amount given as their "family portion" on the subsidy approval sheet.  Applications can be picked up at the Manitoba Childcare Office at 114 Garry Street, from the Earl Grey Children's Centre office or online at www.gov.mb.ca/childcare.

The subsidy office number is 204-945-2676

·    Earl Grey Children's Centre has nothing to do with the subsidy decisions/approvals.

Earl Grey Children's Centre Fee Payments

Fees are due the 1st Tuesday of the billing period and can be made by debit or EFT payment only. Payment can be made in room 17.

  ·    We do not accept cash or cheques

All invoices are e-mailed directly to your home so please ensure your e-mail address is up to date.

Receipts are given only if requested. Official Income Tax receipts may be picked up from the office in January-February once available.

 Registration Deposit

A deposit of $208.00 per child (subsidized or not) is required prior to starting your child at Earl Grey Children's Centre.  The deposit is held and is either refunded back to you or applied against your last invoice as long as the required 2 weeks' notice of withdrawal is given and all debts are paid in full. 

NSF Payments

All NSF EFT payments are subject to a $25 fee. After 3 NSF incidents all payments will be required to be made  by money order only.