Preschool (ages 3 - 5 years):

Earl Grey Children's Centre offers fun and educational programs for children ages 3 - 5 years.  Our cozy and inspiring preschool room offers daily music, reading, school readiness, problem solving, science, drama and much more.  We offer an age developmentally appropriate curriculum which allows each child to experience a play based program designed to promote social, cognitive, physical and creative opportunities.

Our dedicated and trained Early Childhood Educators provide a loving and stimulating atmosphere with lots of hugs and cuddles to help create a home-like environment.

School Age (6 - 12 years):

Our school age program offers a wide variety of opportunities for children ages 6 - 12 years.  Open communication, a chance to explore, discover and create lifetime learning experiences is what we strive to achieve. 

We believe the importance of positive guidance, role modeling and problem solving will help to create productive and confident future leaders in our community.

Fun, excitement and spontaneity provide daily activities, outings and field trips to make our "young adults" feel that they are in a "club based" environment rather that in "daycare".

Our summer program is filled with clubs, field trips, fun days of relaxing with friends and creating memories.

We communicate with the teachers in the school to provide consistency with any concerns/issues that may arise.  Our goal is to develop each child's uniqueness and guide them through the elementary years.

We provide earned freedom and choices in decision making that allows each child to decide the path they wish to make along their developmental journey.  Our dedicated staff explores with the children, ideas and interests which together form the direction in which activities, clubs and programming are implemented.